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Engineering Tools

We are industry experts catering to several multi-national engineering industries with high Precision Electronic Measuring Instruments, Hand Tools, Cutting tools, torque tools, surface plates magnetic tools and storage systems.

Copper Titanium Non Sparking ToolsGet Quotation
QTi Copper Titanium Non Sparking Safety Tools

We are pleased to introduceDRDO Developed & PatentedCopper Titanium Non Sparking Safety Tools. Copper Titanium is a breakthrough innovation developed and patented by DRDO - DMRL Lab.

The use of Non-sparking tools is mandatory to provide protection against fires and explosions in environments where there is a possibility of sparks igniting flammable solvents, vapours, liquids, dusts or residues.

Conventionally Non-Sparking Hand Tools were available of the following two materials i.e Copper Beryllium and Aluminium Bronze.

Copper Beryllium (Cu-Be) is an extremely hazardous alloy due to the toxicity associated with Beryllium. Use of Cu-Be hand tools or other parts, constantly exposes employees and contractors to a severe and often fatal lung disease caused by exposure to Beryllium. Many countries are thus severely curtailing use of Cu-Be or completely banning it. Due to the above reasons, some users have adopted Aluminium Bronze (Al-Br) as the preferred alternative for non-sparking tools. However, Al-Br is a very weak material having strength of about 60% of Cu-Be. These tools thus break very frequently leading to high consumption and risk of injury to the user.

Cu-Ti alloys – being introduced as QTi ® is an excellent replacement for Copper Beryllium, and Pahwa MetalTech are manufacturing the alloy for several applications in which Copper Beryllium is currently used.

With the launch of Copper Titanium (QTi®) Non-Sparking Hand Tools alloys, we eliminate all the above disadvantages of Cu-Be or Al-Br and offer a superior and stronger material which non-hazardous and most importantly ‘Made in India’, by a Company backed by technocrats with over 40 yrs. of collective manufacturing experience.

For Further Information : +91-9987538737 - Email

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Stainless Steel Tools SS316 Cleanroom AutoclaveablGet Quotation

STERILA ™ Stainless Steel Tools SS304 SS316 Cleanroom Autoclaveable

We are pleased to introduce, STERILA ™ Stainless Steel Sterile Tools , Using stainless steel hand tools in the maintenance and operation of process equipment can eliminate the risk factor of ferrous contamination, Stainless Steel Tools Eliminate the Risk of Particulate Generation in a Cleanroom Environment,

Maintenance in sterile processing industry

Carbon Steel tools used in the above poses 2 threats – tiny flakes from the chrome plating easily introduces foreign matter into sterile processes and contact between the tools and surface of other stainless steel equipment can cause formation or iron oxide. Our brand of Sterlia SS316 tools can be effectively sterilized and cleaned without concern for deterioration. SS tools are the best choice for sterile processing area

STERILA ™ Stainless Steel Hand Tools are the solution to your aseptic or critical environment processing needs.

Our tools are designed and manufactured in compliance with the established standards of ISO 9001: 2008, our products meet or exceed ISO, ANSI, SAE, DIN, and British Standard specification and help meet USFDA/GMP Compliance.

Complete range of SS Tools are available ready in stock with us, for further information Drop an Email :anil@bombaytools.inor Call :+91 88506 04648 / 86574 74995

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VDE Insulated Tools 1000vGet Quotation

Insulated VDE Tools - 1000V Electrically Insulated Tools

Electrical maintenance activities pose risk of Electric Shocks,Electrocution and arc flashes are 2 most common accidents that occur during electrical maintenance. We provide electrically insulated tools that mitigate risks of both electrocution as well as arc flashes during operations and maintenance of busbars, electrical panels, batteries etc.

All our tools have been manufactured and tested to IEC 60900 and is VDE approved. This kit includes the most widely needed tools including screwdrivers, spanners, sockets, pliers, hexagonal allen keys and knives. These tools are supplied in a special toolkit with slots for individual tools.

VDE - GS Certified Insulated Tools.

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Paint & Surface Testing InsturmenstGet Quotation
Pioneers in the industry, we offer elcometer coating thickness gauge a456 - ferrous inbuilt probe, pencil type coating thickness gauge, minitest 4100 elektrophysik coating thickness gauge, mikrotest 5 thickness gauge and ford cup - viscosity measuring cup ss from India.

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Non Magnetic Titanium ToolsGet Quotation
OEM Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include non magnetic titanium hex allen key, non magnetic titanium combination pliers, non magnetic titanium socket, non magnetic titanium open wrench and non magnetic titanium combination wrench.

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Testing ProductsGet Quotation
We are a leading OEM Manufacturer of coatem coating thickness gauge, digital surface profile gauge, multi mode through paint digital ultrasonic thickness gauge, shore a rubber hardness tester and rockwell hardness testing machine from Mumbai, India.

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Electronic Measuring InstrumentsGet Quotation
Our product range includes a wide range of elektrophysik germany pen test coating thickness gauge, digital surface profile gauge, measuring instruments, gal digital weld gauge and dial gauges.

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ElcotestGet Quotation
  • Elcotest Paint & Surface Testing Equipment 
  • Elcotest Digital Coating Thickness Gauge FNF
  • Elcotest Digital Coating Thickness Gauge FNFS
  • Elcotest Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Indian Elecoat
  • Elcotest Ford Cup Viscosity Cup B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8 
  • Elcotest Zhan Cup Viscosity Cup B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8 
  • Elcotest Cross Hatch Cutter Kit
  • Elcotest Cross Hatch Cutter Adhesvie Tape
  • Elcotest Conical Mandrel (Bend Tester)
  • Elcotest Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MT180 Dual Mode Measures Through Paint Coatings
  • Elcotest Digital Portable Leeb Hardness Tester
  • Elcotest Pencil Hardness Tester

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DMC USA Crimping ToolsGet Quotation
We are specialized in offering our clients with DMC USA Crimping Tools. Our brand name is highly reputed for providing quality, innovative and high performance level of the products.

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Ampco Non Sparking Safety ToolsGet Quotation
Ampco Non Sparking Safety Tools USA
Ampco Safety Tools USA

we offer Ampco Non Sparking Safety Tools USA such as Ampco Non Sparking Box Ring Wrench, Ampco Non Sparking Double Open End Wrench, Ampco Non Sparking Combination Wrench, Ampco Non Sparking Adjustable Wrench, Ampco Non Sparking Pipe Wrench, Ampco Non Sparking Sledge Hammer and many more items from India.

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Lab Atmospheric Testing EquipmentGet Quotation
OEM Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include digital hardness tester, digital portable hardness tester th270, barcol hardness tester - impressor, digital elcb tester and tension meter.

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Industrial ToolsGet Quotation

Our organization is involved in manufacturing Industrial Tools at a wide range. We use advanced technology and machines for the process of manufacturing these tools. Our ranges of Industrial Tools are anti corrosive, user friendly and more efficient. It is suitable to all kinds of critical working environment.

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New Pig Spill and Leak Control AbsorbentsGet Quotation

Be Safe -New Pig Leak and Spill Control and Containment

Chemical spills & leakages however undesired happen frequently in various plants. Most companies are ill-equipped to contain and handle them. Housekeeping staff do not have the equipment or the knowledge to handle them. With our solution of spill kits and liquid containment products your plant will be able to react and control these incidents in a professional manner

Absorbent Mats

Universal Mats

Oil-Only Mats

Chemical Mats

Water Absorbent Mats

Static-Dissipative Mats

Grippy & Entrance Mats

Drum Top Mats

Surgical Mats

Mat Accessories

Best-Selling Absorbent Mat Pads & Rolls

Spill Kits

Universal Spill Kits

Oil, Fuels & Gas Spill Kits

Hazardous Chemical Spill Kits

Water-Absorbing Spill Kits

Truck Spill Kits

Portable & Mobile Spill Kits

Single Use Cleanup Kits

Forklift Spill Kits

Fuel Station Spill Kits

High-Visibility Spill Kits

Battery Acid Spill Kits

Bio-Hazard Spill Kits

Chemotherapy Drug Spill Kits

Mercury Spill Kits

Spill Kit Refills

Spill Kit Accessories & Response Tools

Best-Selling Spill Kit

Workplace Safety

Personal Safety (PPE)

Plant Safety

OSHA Floor Safety: Preventing Slips & Falls

Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety Cans

PIG Training

Drain Protection & Stormwater Management

Containment Berms & Barriers

Drain Cover Seals

Drain Plugs

Stormwater Filtration

Oil Water Separators

Best-Selling Drain Protection

Drums & Handling

Drums, Barrels & Overpacks

Latching Drum Lids & Funnels

Drum Pumps & Dispensing

Drum Lifters & Movers

Drum Tools & Accessories

IBC Totes, Containment & Accessories

Bulk Storage & Dispensing Tanks

Spill Containment

Spill Containment Pallets, Decks & Drum Platforms

IBC Tote Containment

Tank Containment Trays & Spill Basins

Portable & Collapsible Spill Containment

SpillBlockers, Berms, Dikes & Barriers

Spill Containment Trays & Drip Pans

Best-Selling Spill Containment

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Precision Machine ToolsGet Quotation
Surface Plates Cast Iron Surface Plates, Granite Surface Plates, Cast Iron Bench Centre, Vertical Bench Centre, Mini Bench Centre Granite Base, Mini Bench Centre Cast Iron Base, Universal Bench Centre, Surface Plate With Bench Centre
Straight Edges Cast Iron Straight Edges, Engineer's Steel Straight Edges, Tool Maker's (knife Edge), Prismatic (Triangular) Straight Edges, Light Weight Aluminum Straight Edges, Granite Straight Edges
Comparator Stand Granite Comparator Stand, Cast Iron Comparator Stand,
Master Cylinder, Test Mandrel Master Cylinder, Test Mandrel, Straight, Parallel Mandrel
Parallels Steel Parallel, Granite Parallel
Lapping Plates Cast Iron Lapping Plates, Granite Lapping Plates
Granite Square / C.I Right Angle Granite Block Master (Square), Granite Square (Triangular), Cast Iron Right Angle

Our range of precision inspection equipment is widely acclaimed among our clients owing to their features such as:
  • High tensile casting
  • Durability
  • Resistance against distortion
  • Stress relieved
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Accuracy
Compliance with international quality standards.

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Mitutoyo Japan Vernier CalipersGet Quotation
We are known as a prominent manufacturer of a wide range of caliper fabricated from good quality raw material. our range of products in this category includes absolute coolant proof caliper series 500 with dust/water protection conforming to ip66/67 level, absolute digimatic & vernier caliper series 551, 533-with nib style and standard jaws, etc.

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Torque ToolsGet Quotation
Leading OEM Manufacturer of torque multiplier x4 td-1000, gedore light weight torque wrench dremometer dl 3/4" 140-760 nm, tohnichi dial torque wrench, torque multiplier and torque multipliers from Mumbai.

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Inspection MirrorsGet Quotation
Providing you the best range of led hand held magnifier, 40x led magnifier lens loupe, led telescoping inspection mirror 1-3/8, led telescoping inspection mirror 2-3/8 and telescopic inspection mirror 1-1/4 with effective & timely delivery.

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MicrometersGet Quotation
OEM Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include dial snap meters - series 523, outside micrometers, point micrometers, mitutoyo blade micrometers and coolant proof digital micrometer series 293.

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Gal Weld GaugesGet Quotation

We are a established manufacturer of an extensive range of Gal Weld Gauges. Our product range includes Adjustable Fillet Weld Gauge, Mini Fillet Weld Keys, Automatic Weld Size Gauze, Mini Sub Gauge, Bridge Cam Gauge and HI-LO Welding Gage.

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Insize ToolsGet Quotation

Complete Range of Quality Measuring Instruments Backed By 12 Months Warranty,
Quality products made to international standards with full guarantee.--   Innovation by continually striving to improve and develop new products.--   Service and support to ensure you have trouble-free use of INSIZE products.--   Value is always a key element. Our aim is to give you high-performance products at a good price.

Insize - Bombay Tools Centre (Bombay) Private Limited

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Mitutoyo & Other Slip Gauge Block SetGet Quotation
We are known as a reliable manufacturer of a broad range of slip gauge block. our range of products in this category includes ceraston accessory for gauge blocks, gauge block comparator gbcd-250 series 565-manual type comparator with dual gauge heads, inch square gauge block set series 516-inch block set, long block set, wear block set and individual inch square gauge block.

In addition, we offer maintenance kit for gauge block series 516, metric rectangular gauge block set series 516-2mm base block set,0.001mm step block set, metric square gauge block set series 516-metric block set, long block set, wear block set  and rectangular gauge block with cte gauge blocks with thermal expansion coefficient data. we also offer good quality step master series 516, micrometer inspection gauge block sets series 516, metric rectangular gauge block set series 516-long block set, wear block set, metric rectangular gauge block set series 516-1mm base block set and individual metric square gauge block.

Our clients can also avail individual inch individual metric rectangular gauge block series 516, inch rectangular gauge block set series 516-inch block set, thin block set, long block set, wear block set, gauge block comparator gbcd-100a series 565-automatic type comparator with dual gauge heads and bore gauge calibration kit series 516 from our company. these highly durable products are offered by us at very reasonable prices.

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Surface Roughness TesterGet Quotation
We offer Surface Roughness Equipment . These are packed with powerful functions for convenient operations. Powerful Functions and Ease at on-site measurements.

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Holiday DetectorGet Quotation
We manufacture a wide range of holiday detector, which generates high voltage dc for testing. It has capacity to test various coatings.                  

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Lutron Testing EquipmentGet Quotation
Our range of products include lux meter, vibration tester, lutron sound level meter and anemometer.

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Pneumatic Air ToolsGet Quotation
Our Company Specializes in Offering High Quality Pneumatic Air Tools.                       

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Hand ToolsGet Quotation

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Hand Tools, fabricated from superior quality of raw materials. Our products includes precision electronic measuring instruments, cutting tools, hand tools, torque tools and surface plates magnetic tools along with storage systems. Our main clientele are several multi-national engineering industries.

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Hydraulic ProductsGet Quotation
We are engaged in manufacturing a precision engineered range of Hydraulic Products, which is fabricated using high quality raw material.

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Industrial Tool KitGet Quotation
Providing you the best range of solar installation tool kit - solar o&m tools with effective & timely delivery.

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CNC VMC Toolings Collets & Tool HoldersGet Quotation
CNC Toolings Collets & Tool Holding SystemCNC Tools
VMC Tools
Lathe Tools
ER Collets
ER Collet Spanners
ER Collet Nuts
ER Collet Adaptors
Cylinderical Adaptors
Morse Taper Adaptors
Side Lock Adaptors
Face Mill Adaptors
Keyless Adaptors
ERG Tapping Collets
MT Series Adaptors
Magnetic Z Presetter
Edge Finders
CNC Edge Finders
Keyless Chucks
NBH Fine Boring Head
CNC Live Center
Solid Carbide End Mills
Solid Carbide Drills
Solid Carbide Centre Drill

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Acetilex Alloy Tools - Acetylene EnvironmentsGet Quotation
Acetilex Alloy Tools - Acetylene Environments

Nonsparking tools are recommended for use in hazardous environments where flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts or residues are present. Ordinary hand tools are usually made of steel, which can cause sparks if struck, scraped, or dropped. This can be disastrous in an explosive atmosphere. Tools used in a hazardous material applications MUST be constructed of nonsparking, nonferrous, nonmagnetic corrosion resistant metals. Caution: these tools are not classified as anti-static because they DO conduct electricity.

Acetylene or acetylene bearing equipment,may react with the copper of the tool to form an explosive acetylide.ools containing less than fifty percent copper, such as Monel alloys, may be used in an acetylene environment.
Certain chemicals such as amatol and similar liquid/ acetylene gases may react with copper alloys to form metalloids which would negate the nonsparking properties of the alloys. Do not use high copper content tools in direct contact with acetylene due to the possible formation of explosive acetylides, especially in the presence of moisture.

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New ItemsGet Quotation
non sparking tool kit 21 pcs - chemical & pharma tki21a

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